Environmental safety, and reducing carbon footprint are of high importance at Baly Yarn Dyeing Ltd. We take pride in producing products that are free from toxic chemicals like AZO, APEO, and NPEO, which are harmful to humans and other organisms. The Effluent Treatment Plant located on the factory site incorporates innovative technologies to convert harmful by-products, ensuring the effluent is safe to be released into the environment.

At Baly, we prioritize efficient usage and production of energy. Our boilers are equipped with economizers to reclaim heat from the waste gas produced by the boilers. Innovative and efficient processes are used to reclaim heat from waste hot water and generator exhaust, which are then used to generate stream. Spongy Yarn products that are used at Baly contain recycled polyester, which otherwise would go to landfills. The cotton sourced are BCI Cotton(Better Cotton Initiative) where a portion of the cost is sent back to the cotton farmers. Lastly, and most importantly we are jointly developing ECOFresh Yarn with the company BROS. ECOFresh Yarn utilizes a special dyeing technique that does not use salt and alkali. Furthermore, it uses significantly less water compared to conventional dyeing methods.


We have OEKO-TEX Appendix – 06 Certification and DETOX Certification for our Effluent Treatment Plant


We strictly maintain all social and environmental compliance regulations. Maintaining a safe, healthy, cooperative, and friendly environment regardless of race, religion, and gender is a top priority. We actively train our workers for various safety and social awareness issues. State of the art firefighting equipment is in place for protecting both our employees and investments. For worker safety, we practice fire drills quarterly. We have life insurance for all workers so that if any accident should befall upon them their family is well taken care of.
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Baly Yarn Factory Fire Safety


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