Baly Yarn Dyeing Ltd. is one of the leading dyeing industries in Bangladesh. Established in March 2004, we have 15 years of valuable industry knowledge & experience accompanied with tremendous success over the years. At Baly, we boast having a variety of high-tech facilities, with sophisticated, efficient and modern machineries all under one large premise, which enables us to dye all types of yarn. Robust R&D focus on sustainability and long-lasting prosperous business relationships help assert our place as leaders in the Dyeing industry.

Our Laboratory is equipped with modern machinery and state of the art equipment. Expert professionals are working tirelessly to fine-tune the precise recipes of color swatch. Our dyed yarn goes through vigorous and detailed quality testing to ensure that we deliver high-quality products as promised.

Since our inception, we have lived up to our ambition and commitment to meet the ever-increasing demand of a wide range of regular and fancy yarn both locally and internationally.

Baly Yarn Factory Outside
Baly Yarn Factory Outside
Baly Yarn Factory Inside
Baly Yarn Factory Inside


We believe that change is the only constant and we are constantly developing new products, incorporating innovative technology and improving efficiency. Our Research & Development team collaborates with many companies including BESTSELLER and M&S to ensure we are keeping up with the trending consumer preferences and market demand.

Environmental safety and reducing carbon footprint are of high importance at Baly Yarn Dyeing Ltd. We take pride that our product is free from toxic chemicals like AZO, APEO and NPEO, which are harmful for the humans and other organism. The Effluent Treatment Plant located on factory site incorporates innovative technologies to convert harmful by-products, so that the effluent is safe to be released into the environment.

At Baly, we prioritize efficient production and use of energy. Our boilers are equipped with economizers to reclaim heat from the waste gas produced by the boilers. Innovative and efficient processes are used to reclaim heat from waste hot water and generator exhaust which are then used to generate stream. Spongy Yarn products that are used at Baly contain recycled polyester, which otherwise would go to landfills. The cotton sourced are BCI Cotton, standing for Better Cotton Initiative where a portion of the cost is sent back to the cotton farmers. Lastly, and most importantly we are jointly developing ECOFresh Yarn with the company BROS. ECOFresh Yarn utilizes a special dyeing technique that doesn’t use salt and alkali. Furthermore, it uses significantly less water compared to conventional dyeing methods.


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